Strategic Plan

2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Priorities Become a Trusted Voice Regarding our Food System Create Purposeful Impact on Our Food System Build Council Engagement and Capacity
Be recognized as a credible and diverse voice for our food system
Strengthen our food system
Strengthen our food system
(1) Cultivate partnerships with key organizational stakeholders; (2) Dialogue and engage with the community about our food system; (3) Increase awareness and knowledge about the Council and our food system
(1) Influence policy; (2) Prioritize food system challenges and build strategies to address them
(1) Identify an effective structure for the Council; (2) Secure sustainable funding; (3) Maintain and enhance the current staffing level; (4) Increase Council member knowledge and engagement; (5) Cultivate effective volunteer engagement

When we refer to “our food system” we mean the food system that supports London and Middlesex County.