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What is a food policy council?

A Food Policy Council is made up of members representing many parts of the food system including production, distribution, consumption and waste.

In addition, membership on a Food Policy Council will often include educators, non-profit organizations, concerned citizens, government officials, farmers, grocers, chefs, food workers, processors and distributors. (1)


The role of a Food Policy Council is to identify challenges and propose innovative solutions to improve local food systems, stimulate local economic development and make food systems more environmentally sustainable and socially just. (1)


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Why does middlesex-London need a food policy council?

To build relationships between government, non-profit and private sector organizations and take an active role in educating both policy makers and the public about the local food system. (1)

The Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Report (PDF 85MB) recommends that our community form a Food Policy Council. Middlesex-London is “ripe with assets and opportunities for developing a healthier, sustainable, resilient and equitable food system. A Food Policy Council will provide an on-going place for dialogue, decision-making and the coordination of a variety of initiatives that may be citizen-led, community-led, industry-led, municipally-led or truly cross-sector.” (2)

Food Policy Councils- Lessons Learned

(1) Alethea Harper, Alison Alkon, Annie Shattuck, Eric Holt-Giménez and Frances Lambrick. 12.01.2009. Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learned. Institute for Food and Development Policy. Retrieved from http://foodfirst.org/publication/food-policy-councils-lessons-learned/

Food Assessment

(2) London Food Bank. 2016. Middlesex- London Community Food Assessment. Page 147. Retrieved from  http://healthunit.com/uploads/middlesex-london-community-food-assessment-report-may-2016.pdf