Greenhouse Academy announces “Growing-kits” to help first-time growers

The art of growing your own produce and herbs can not only save money but can also can be a source of family bonding and community initiative. While many have the desire and intention to create a garden, a recurring problem for some of these individuals is not knowing where to start and which produce and herbs to plant.

The Greenhouse Academy and a number of local Middlesex-London partners have created a unique solution to help more homeowners and their children become excited about growing produce and herbs and understand the first steps to a successful garden.

These Greenhouse Academy growing-kits are perfect for experienced or first-time growers and are easily planted in backyards, patios, store fronts, or balconies. The kits are delivered to your front door complete with growing instructions and stored in a compostable pot, already planted with starter plants to ensure you are as successful as the pros.

Through the Growing Academy online store you can browse through kits to grow ingredients for fresh pizza, spaghetti or garden salad.

To purchase a growing-kit or to learn more information about Greenhouse Academy, the local partners involved in the initiative or events happening in the community, please visit:



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