Green Thumbs in the City: Meet Our Food System Champions, Yvonne and Chris Padadakos!

MLFPC's Food System Champion, Chris and Yvonne PapadakosIn the heart of downtown London, there exists an urban garden that has thrived for over three decades, thanks to the dedication of Yvonne and Chris Padadakos. These two gardeners have pursued their love for growing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and their garden shows how much they believe in growing your own food in a sustainable way. Though gardening in the city comes with its fair share of challenges—limited space and sunlight, and issues with animal/pest damage – they’ve come up with smart ways to protect their plants, and make the most of the space they have.

Chris and Yvonne Papadakos Veggies

Their garden is a community hub. Over the years, they’ve generously shared their harvests with neighbours and family, and they’ve donated seedlings and seeds to various non-profit organizations. This way, they’re not only sharing their love for gardening but also helping their community in different ways. Yvonne and Chris plan to keep gardening, taking care of their home, and most importantly, teaching their grandchildren what they know about gardening.

Chris and Yvonne Papadakos' garden
Chris and Yvonne Papadakos


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