Nourishing Change, Empowering Lives: Meet Our Food System Champion, LIFE*SPIN!

In the early days of the pandemic, Jacqueline Thompson, the Executive Director of LIFE*SPIN noticed a need in the community for healthy, organic, and accessible food. She partnered with Jeff Pastorius, the founder of On The Move Organics, to unite their efforts & create an initiative called the Community Food Box Project. Together, they recognized the need to address food insecurity that was amplified by the pandemic. The Community Food Box Project emerged as a lifeline, connecting local sustainable agriculture to the homes of families facing barriers to reliable food access.

From 2020-2022, the Community Food Box Project showcased remarkable dedication & generosity, delivering over 68,825 meals which were free, locally-sourced, & organic produce. Additionally, the project was able to reduce its environmental impact significantly by minimising its use of plastic. The program extended its reach to benefit 1,862 children, showing its huge impact & reach within the community. The partnership between LIFE*SPIN & On The Move Organics continues to this day, ensuring that there is ongoing support to the community through these food boxes.

In addition to alleviating hunger in the community through food distribution, LIFE*SPIN offers a variety of programming & resources via their “Food Security Education” initiatives. They teach their audience members about the importance, ease, & accessibility of gardening & gardening practices that can lead to adopting sustainable habits. Take “Pocket-Sized Farms” as an example—a children’s day camp program educating the London youth about environmental stewardship, gardening & agricultural literacy, food systems, & community building.

LIFE*SPIN stands for “Low-Income Family Empowerment * Sole Support Parent Information Network”

They remain strong advocates for families, continuing to partner with others in the community to create positive, uplifting change.

Learn more about LIFE*SPIN’s mission and services on their website:

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