Supporting, Connecting, & Empowering Lives: Meet Our Food System Champion, Northwest London Resource Centre!

MLFPC's Food System Champion, NWLRCThe Northwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC) is a community support leader that prioritizes food literacy and accessibility education for Northwest London’s residents, having reached out to 5,887 unique residents in 2021 alone. They operate an Emergency Food Cupboard in partnership with the London Food Bank’s Mobile Food Bank, have created a multilingual food item checklist, and adopted a needs-based approach to ensure fair distribution.

London Food Bank's Mobile Food Bank TruckThey also run several initiatives like the Cereal Box Challenge, Northwest Eats, and the Community Pop-Up Market to combat different facets of food insecurity. They source locally, partner with organizations, and involve the community, as seen in the Northwest Eats program, which involves youth volunteers preparing meals for distribution to families in need. Their Community Pop-Up Market, in partnership with Urban Roots, provides free, freshly-picked produce, distributed at their Sherwood Mall location.

NWLRC Emergency Food Cupboard

They offer various youth and family programs designed to support skill & leadership development, including the Cereal Box Challenge, Northwest Eats, Community Pop-up Market, SmartStart, YouChef, and YEP & JEP. The latter is a partnership with Type Diabeat-it to introduce healthy African cuisine to combat health risks like diabetes, while supporting awareness of racialized people’s experiences.

The NWLRC is always looking to expand and improve its services, its food programs, and collaborate with other organizations in a new space under construction. NWLRC Community ConnectionsThey are committed to addressing food insecurity in a sustainable, impactful way by combining education, community involvement, and local organization collaboration. This journey has been rewarding and challenging, and they believe that, together with the community, they can create a more sustainable and supportive food system for all.


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