London-Middlesex Restaurant Support Fund: rTraction Partner Spotlight

The London-Middlesex Restaurant Support Fund has been created in partnership with Club House for Chefs and McCormick Canada, the Middlesex London Food Policy Council, Pillar Nonprofit Network, rTraction, Tourism London and the Western Fair District. The fund awards eligible, independent restaurant operators with grants of $1,000 to support their businesses to open or remain open through the difficult times caused by COVID-19. 

 rTraction generously agreed to contribute to the London Middlesex Restaurant Support Fund. David Billson, CEO, and Co-founder of rTraction says that “Being able to bring our skillset about marketing and tech support to step up and help our local community, is very much in alignment with our goals and value.” rTraction Canada, Inc. is a certified B Corporation and award-winning digital services agency located in the London Roundhouse. rTraction focuses on improving community outcomes more than profit.

 David believes that restaurants represent an influential image of the Middlesex London community as well as an important part of the local economy and job creation. When asked about the importance of supporting local restaurants, David thinks it is extremely important to support local restaurants during this unprecedented time since the restaurant industry is struggling with its capacity and restrictions on re-opening.

rTraction and David forecast that the London Middlesex Restaurant Support Fund will help local restaurants with an unforeseen increase in operating costs due to COVID-19. These costs may include purchasing Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for employees and customers, enhanced disinfection measures, as well as supplies to ensure social distancing in the restaurant. 

When asked about how rTraction thinks this fund would support local restaurants, David said “ We hope this fund can help small restaurants to allocate to their best use. Some might use this fund to purchase PPE, or to help bring their customers back, While others might use this fund to help with loans or even fund a way to make capital.”

With regards to suggestions that David thinks could help restaurants better recover, David adds “I think for small restaurants to have some sort of online presence is very important these days. Ensure that you are discoverable online, building out a small simple website, reviews, or even just have an address confirmed by google. Just making sure you have some sort of online presence is very important nowadays for local businesses.”

In terms of any suggestions or words of encouragement to get through this pandemic, David stated “ It’s quite an opportunity for us to be able to participate in this program and step up for our community. It’s nice to see that it is set up and I hope the best for this fund.”

The London-Middlesex Restaurant Support Fund has already awarded grants to thirty-four restaurants and is continuing to look for local enterprises to step up and support the fund. To apply to this fund or to make a contribution, please visit

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