Growing Together: Meet Our Young Food System Champions, John and Evelyn!

Introducing John (9) and Evelyn (3), our local food heroes!
These amazing siblings have taken an active role in learning and tending to their own vegetable garden. They not only appreciate the effort and ecosystem of our food chain, but also share their knowledge with the neighborhood.
Their family tradition of growing food has brought them together and allows everyone in their family to participate. Evelyn likes to plant seeds; she says her favourites are “corn and raspberries because I like to make raspberries for Johnny, and I like to eat corn!” John says “my family taught me to grow things, and I love to eat beans I can pick right off the plant!”
Their impact goes beyond their own garden; John and Evelyn love to give back to the community. They set up a stand at their driveway, offering veggies for donations that support local charities. They also deliver fresh produce and homemade seed bombs to their neighbors, spreading generosity and kindness.

Evelyn dreams of expanding their garden to include broccoli and basil, while John has become knowledgeable about plant care and growth duration. Their efforts are making a big difference in our community!

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