Making a Difference: Meet Our Food System Champion, Quarter Master!

Quarter Master is a local sustainable food store that actively searches for local and sustainable food options while emphasizing biodegradable packaging and safe environmental practices. Founded in 1981 by Betty and Eric MacMillan, Quarter Master was established with the aim of providing Londoners with healthy diet options and nutritional information. Over the years, the store has undergone significant growth, and today, it is operated by their son, Tim MacMillan, who has expanded the store to offer a diverse range of grocery options, supplements, and herbal products.

Quarter Master has always prioritized supporting the Canadian organics market due to its numerous health and environmental benefits. The store strives to source a substantial portion of its products locally, especially within the produce and grocery sections. In recent years, Quarter Master has made a concentrated effort to implement sustainable practices within its operations. This includes transitioning to biodegradable and compostable packaging options, investing in backyard composting to manage kitchen and fresh produce scraps, and minimizing food waste by utilizing leftover and past-prime produce in freshly made take-out items.

Apart from its commitment to sustainable practices, QM actively participates in supporting the Wortley Village community through various events. However, the store is excited about future opportunities to expand its involvement beyond its familiar Old South home. Quarter Master’s primary focus at present is to ensure that its in-store practices serve to create a positive impact on the health of its customers, the community, and the planet!

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