Uniting for Sustainability: Meet Our Food System Champion, The London Food Co-Op!

London Food Coop Ontario Food System Champion of MLFPCThe London Food Co-op, a member-owned grocery store, has been supplying affordable, ethically sourced, and Fair Trade products to London families since 1970. For over half a century, it has prioritized local, organic foods, and originated as a buying club for those keen to know where their food comes from. Today, it remains committed to these principles, supporting local farms and small businesses in Ontario, offering everything from organic meat to maple syrup.

Believing in the possibility of sustainable consumption, the Co-op features a large bulk section for reusable containers and encourages shoppers to bring their own bags. It caters to various dietary needs and promotes environmental responsibility by composting waste and offering non-toxic supplies. It engages youth through an active internship program and provides affordable options with a ‘price-it-yourself’ produce area. Membership is kept accessible at a $10 quarterly fee.

London Food Coop Sign being put upThe Co-op is planning to host a variety of community events in the future such as urban gardening workshops and hopes to introduce a teaching kitchen for cooking demonstrations. As a community-based, not-for-profit grocery store, the London Food Co-op fosters consumer-producer relationships, prioritizing people’s needs over corporate profits. This not only allows shoppers to feel good about their groceries, but also promotes health and sustainability. Visit them at 621 Princess Avenue and experience first-hand how the London Food Co-op is not just a store, but a movement, nurturing a healthier, more sustainable, and more connected community one grocery trip at a time.

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