Championing Sustainable Food: Meet Our Food System Champion, On The Move Organics!

On the Move Organics Food System Champion of MLFPCOn The Move Organics, founded in 2008 by Jeff Pastorius, is on a mission to rebuild Ontario’s local food system by connecting with local farmers. Starting with bike deliveries in the Old East Village, the company expanded to offer groceries and delivery vehicles as demand grew.

What sets them apart is their strong commitment to sustainability. Through their Zero Waste Club, they save over 23,000 single-use plastic containers annually. Serving southwestern Ontario, they source from 125+ local farmers, producers, suppliers, and artisans.

On the move organics food box

During COVID-19, On The Move Organics partnered with LIFE*SPIN to launch “The Community Food Box Program”, delivering fresh produce and groceries to families facing financial struggles. The program, funded by customer donations and their own 1% “For The Community” initiative, has provided over 60,000 meals to date. Their business practices prioritize sourcing locally and reducing food waste by collaborating with restaurants and featuring rotating menus showcasing locally-grown crops. Community involvement is central to their ethos, and they host events and workshops while supporting local businesses.

Looking ahead, they plan to add a pollinator garden near LOLA Bees, exploreOn the Move Organics Team with food boxes non-carbon delivery options like bike deliveries and electric alternatives, and improve efficiency in their warehouse to reduce food waste and environmental impact. With a dedicated focus on locality and community outreach, On The Move Organics aims to make positive strides in the food system for years to come.  Check out On The Move Organics’ website for more information: On The Move Organics.

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