Leading the Way: Meet our Food System Champion, Keisha Joseph!

Keisha Joseph, a dedicated member of both the MLFPC and the London community, has made significant contributions in the field of nutrition and community-based work. After graduating from Brescia University College with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Keisha realized her passion for helping people directly and engaging in community-based initiatives.

Keisha found the perfect opportunity to use her knowledge and skills when she came across a job posting for her current role as a Food Program Facilitator at Indwell. Indwell is a subsidized and supportive housing charity that provides housing and support for vulnerable populations, such as those who have experienced homelessness or are living in precarious housing situations, and who may have severe mental health disabilities or substance abuse disorders.

In her role as a Food Program Facilitator, Keisha works closely with the Indwell community to improve food security and food literacy among low-income tenants, making her a shaper of the food system. She facilitates food programs and supports individuals in accessing nutritious meals, thereby addressing the issue of food insecurity within the community.

Keisha is committed to continuous learning and recognizes that there is still a lot of work to be done in the field of food security and support. She believes that additional support can be provided and different levels of education can be implemented to address the diverse needs of individuals. Keisha aspires to establish new and more concrete systems for effectively providing food assistance, and also aims to deepen her knowledge in the field of public health.

Keisha Joseph’s dedication to improving food security and her efforts to support vulnerable populations through her work at Indwell demonstrate her commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable food system in the London community, making her a Food Systems Champion!

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