Fostering Change: Meet our Food System Champion, ATN Access Inc.

Meet ATN Access—a non-profit based in London, Ontario committed to empowering individuals through technology and skills development. They advocate for inclusive environments, prioritising adaptability, and believing in the intrinsic value and unique strengths of each individual, a philosophy which is deeply embedded in all their work.

As a recipient of the Food Systems Champion award, the organization is dedicated to improving food security and fostering community wellness, with particular attention to serving individuals with disabilities.

Furthermore, ATN Access strives to effect positive social change by integrating job-related and wellness-related skills into their food system initiatives. By providing individuals with the tools and resources to develop essential culinary skills, they create opportunities for personal growth and empowerment, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive society.

One of their initiatives is the “grow-your-own” greenhouse project, a program that embodies ATN Access’s core value of adaptability. This initiative is about more than just gardening—it seamlessly integrates education on food nutrition and literacy into their programs, leading to positive change and healthier lifestyle choices. Moreover, the initiative empowers members of the community by providing the necessary resources to start their own herb and vegetable gardens at home, provided free of charge.

ATN Access further demonstrates their commitment to inclusivity through their wellness-oriented “Be Well” program and plans to expand their “Adaptive Cooking” program. Their philosophy—emphasizing the importance of the work process alongside the outcome—reflects their dedication to fostering a healthier, more inclusive society. ATN’s impactful contributions to the local food system underline their well-earned recognition as a Food Systems Champion.

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