Multiphase Assessment of Community Food Security

In response to the call from the London Community Recovery Network (LCRN) to increase focus on food insecurity, the MLFPC began a multiphase assessment and analysis of community food security. With funding from the LCRN, the MLFPC contracted Nutrition 4 Non-Nutritionists to carry out a Community Food Assessment (CFA). The 2022 CFA is the second CFA produced by the MLFPC and constitutes Phase 1 of the Council’s ongoing analysis of community food security in Middlesex London. 

The 2022 CFA was followed by a community event titled “Know Your Food: Grow, Eat, Understand”. This event, which can be viewed below, and the resulting report constitutes Phase 2. 

For Phase 3, the Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value completed an environmental scan and report. 

Phase 4 comprises a report to the LCRN committee and the MLFPC on the potential for regional collaboration to address long-term food security. 

Access the reports below:

Executive Summary and Recommendations
Phase 1: Community Food Assessment
Phase 2: Know Your Food Event Summary
Phase 3: Environmental Scan of Municipal Food System Policies and Practices
Phase 4: Potential for Regional Collaboration
Additional Critical Analysis

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