Fueling Progress: Meet Our Food System Champions, Eat OA! X Anderson Craft Ales!

With a strong commitment to supporting local producers and small businesses within their city, the team at EatOA! And Anderson Craft Ales aim to showcase the amazing products offered by their community while raising awareness among their customer base.

Recognizing the limitations of their small kitchen, they reached out to local bakeries establishing strong partnerships with them. Additionally, they place a strong emphasis on using local produce by incorporating produce from vendors such as Slegers Greens, Common Ground, and Sun Gold Organic into their offerings. Their commitment to supporting the local food ecosystem is evident in their menus, where they highlight their vendors.

The team also goes above and beyond to champion local businesses and community initiatives. They actively participate in community projects and programs, such as Growing Chefs pizza night, where they contribute their expertise and resources to promote a sustainable food culture. They also support those in need and minimise food waste by donating any leftover products to Ark Aid mission.

Looking ahead, they plan to continue to maintain their emphasis on sourcing locally. They understand the value of supporting the community and believe that sourcing within the city and its surrounding areas not only benefits EatOA!, but the London community as well.

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