Animal & Community Ally: Meet our Food System Champion, Zhawanoogbiik Danielle Riley of Riley Ranch of Three Fires!

Danielle Riley is MLFPC's Food System ChampionSixteen-year-old Zhawanoogbiik Danielle Riley embodies the spirit of compassion and community care. She has demonstrated great initiative as a Food System Champion by helping connect others with the resources they need to care for their animals.

From Chippewas of the Thames, an Anishinaabe First Nations band government, her childhood dream was to be able to care for animals in her own business. During the pandemic, it became apparent to Danielle that there was great need for pet supplies, including pet food, from pet owners who were struggling due to the economic downturn.

In response to the fast-growing need, she was able to raise donations to supply those who were facing challenges in accessing the things they needed for their animals and started her initiative, an animal food bank.

The shelves of her food bank tell a powerful story, reflecting the growing demand for support. In July 2022, 120 bags of dog food were distributed. Dani’s commitment shines, whether connecting people with resources, envisioning warmer shelters for outdoor pets, or exploring paths toward healing through her love for animals. She hopes that she can continue to connect others with the resources and care that they need.

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