Pollination Heroes: Meet our Buzzworthy Food System Champion, the Middlesex Centre Pollinator Team!

Food System Champions Middlesex Centre Pollinator TeamThe Middlesex Centre Pollinator Team has truly shined in supporting our local food system.

Their journey began in 2019, driven by the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, a pledge made to show Middlesex Centre’s commitment to champion the care of our native pollinators. Through their dedicated work, they have created a positive impact in the London-Middlesex community, centred around education and the nurturing of natural pollinator habitats.

They’ve set out to achieve three overarching goals.
1. To grow and share native plants from seed that support pollinators.
2. To promote the wellbeing and flourishing of pollinators.
3. To educate the community about the web of interdependence within our ecosystem between us, native plants, and native pollinators, emphasising how our support can pave the way for a better environment now and in the future.

To achieve these goals and engage the community in their mission, they have established many different programs such as selling pollinator plants at the Komoka Community Market in the summer and having annual compost sales. They also partner with many community organizations to host educational events on a variety of different topics. Visit their website pollinatorteam.com to find a variety of resources, including where you can buy native plants near you and how you can create a pollinator garden of your own! There you will also find a list of upcoming events to join.

The Middlesex Centre Pollinator team has been doing an amazing job of not only creating a healthier food system for now, but one that is strong and sustainable for the future. We are excited to see what else they have in store!

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